Insurance FOLLOW-UP and
Claim resolution

At Annuity Health, we are committed to achieving positive outcomes through the strategic use of cutting-edge technology, machine learning, and AI. Our advanced technology empowers us to deliver robust reporting, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and drive optimal results.

Annuity Health pursues open insurance accounts for all financial classes, age categories, and balances to maximize net returns and maintain a healthy accounts receivable. Our activities include denial resolution, rebills, medical record retrieval, and transaction audit to name a few.

Our proprietary technology, Annuity One, sets industry-leading standards for account stratification and worklist priority assignments. Through this innovative platform, we have developed a best-of-practice two-tiered follow-up strategy. (1) traditional aggressive follow-up for cash potential accounts and (2) assembly line approach for account maintenance activity.

With Annuity Health, you benefit from the power of technology-driven solutions, a highly skilled team, and industry-leading methodologies. Together, we accomplish outstanding results, ensuring a strong financial future for your organization.