About Us

Annuity Health is dedicated to servicing healthcare providers. Our expertise in healthcare has enabled our leadership team to develop best-of-practice workflows and state-of-the-art supporting technology to drive increased recoveries. Our comprehensive focus on healthcare translates to an improved bottom line for our clients. We offer the following healthcare accounts receivable management services:

At Annuity Health, we are devoted to serving healthcare providers with cutting-edge technology and exceptional service. Our expertise in healthcare has empowered our leadership team to develop state-of-the-art workflows, driving increased recoveries and boosting your bottom line. Our technology-driven approach offers the following healthcare accounts receivable management services:

  • Early-Out Self Pay Collections and Customer Service
  • Insurance Follow-up and Claim Resolution
  • Primary and Secondary Bad Debt Recovery

With years of shared healthcare accounts receivable management experience, our methodologies and processes are finely tuned to represent you effectively to your payors, patients, and guarantors. We are well-prepared to swiftly implement programs and develop long-term solutions to identify and resolve A/R problems, ensuring improved bottom-line results.

At Annuity Health, we recognize the challenge healthcare providers face with a large volume of accounts and limited resources. To address this, we have created a new paradigm for working with these accounts, combining proprietary technology, unique methodologies, and a quality focus. Our solutions not only enhance accounts receivable management but also foster positive patient relations.

Our management team at Annuity Health possesses comprehensive expertise across all aspects of the healthcare revenue cycle, resulting in a unique compilation of healthcare accounts receivable knowledge. Together, we deliver quality management programs, exceeding the expectations of our valued clients.

Choose Annuity Health for technology-driven, service-focused healthcare accounts receivable management and experience the positive impact we can make for your organization.