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Executive Leadership

Our leadership team has held executive positions in the accounts receivable management industry for providers and revenue cycle consulting firms. This broad experience allows us to view all aspects of the healthcare collection world to truly understand the relationship between customer service and cash collections.

Tim McCarthy: Chief Executive Officer

Tim McCarthy served as National Director of the revenue cycle reengineering practice for the healthcare division of KPMG Consulting. His experience brings a critical understanding that every client is different and has specific needs and requirements. As a result, Annuity Health offers customized solutions to meet every healthcare provider’s needs. His 35 years of experience also includes extensive revenue cycle reviews, demonstrations and product testing, workflow development, organizational structure development and policies improvement, enabling Annuity Health to devise tailored, best-of-practice solutions for each client.

Mr. McCarthy served in numerous executive-level positions within healthcare providers and fully understands client challenges. He served as Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle Operations for a $15 billion health system and was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the 1,200 staffed revenue cycle for this system.

He also has conducted numerous healthcare revenue cycle speeches and presentations for Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and American Collectors Association (ACA) and has served on the National HFMA Key Performance Indicator committee.

Nick DiGiovanni III: Chief Operating Officer

Nick DiGiovanni, III, brings 20 years of healthcare and consulting experience to Annuity Health. Mr. DiGiovanni is an industry leader in healthcare accounts receivable management operations. He has developed leading workflows, policies, procedures, and reporting for healthcare early-out collections and insurance resolution services. As a value-added service, he also conducts client-specific training programs to improve internal operations.

Prior to joining Annuity Health, he was Senior Vice President of Operations at RCS, a healthcare accounts receivable firm. While at RCS, Mr. DiGiovanni was responsible to the day-to-day operations of the company. In this capacity, he orchestrated all technology and staffing priorities and practices. Ultimately, Mr. DiGiovanni's primary responsibility was optimal client performance and satisfaction.

Along with his in-depth knowledge of healthcare revenue cycle operations, Mr. DiGiovanni has designed system functionality to support best-of-practice processes and workflows for optimal account management. This allows Annuity Health to continually improve our technological abilities as revenue cycle needs evolve.

Jen McMullen, Chief Revenue Officer

Jennifer McMullen has over 30 of experience in healthcare collections and revenue cycle management. Ms. McMullen is a revenue cycle industry expert with significant healthcare operational expertise allowing Annuity Health to truly understand our client’s detail needs and challenges. Ms. McMullen’s technological and analytical aptitude brings Annuity Health the ability to seamlessly integrated with our clients, provide multiple solutions, and implement custom processes all geared to drive maximum customer service and financial performance.

Prior to joining Annuity Health, Ms. McMullen served as CEO of Arcadia Recovery Bureau. In that role, Ms. McMullen led all company strategy and performance initiatives.

Ms. McMullen is an active member in the HFMA, AAHAM and American Collectors Association (ACA) and has participated in numerous panels and presentations.

Robin Tindal-Jones, Chief Human Resource Officer

Robin Tindal-Jones has 18 years of Human Resource leadership experience. As a member of the executive leadership team, Ms. Tindal-Jones oversees all human resource functions and employee relations practices and strategies. Because of Annuity Health’s understanding of the significant importance of people and culture to our company’s performance, Ms. Tindal-Jones is deeply committed to employee engagement and fostering a culture that brings out the best in our team members. Not following the traditional human resources role, Ms. Tindal-Jones has tasked the team of HR professionals with inspiring and influencing our team moral and enthusiasm, which allows Annuity Health to maximize our productivity and quality.

Prior to joining Annuity Health, Ms. Tindal-Jones served in various human resource leadership positions in the financial and student loan industries. Ms. Tindal-Jones is an active member of the National and Local Chapters of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Heather Stanisci, Executive Director

Heather Stanisci has over 12 years of experience providing revenue cycle solutions to large healthcare providers nationwide. Ms. Stanisci’ experience has given her the ability to understand and monitor our client’s performance, market challenges and innovative revenue cycle activity to provide critical feedback to Annuity Health’s operations and technology teams. Ms. Stanisci is responsible for expanding existing client relationships, as well as cultivating strategic growth through the company’s various service lines.

Ms. Stanisci is an executive in numerous Healthcare Finance Associations and currently serves as an officer of both the New Jersey HFMA and the Philadelphia AAHAM chapters. She has served on various advisory boards and developed educational programs and events for various healthcare organizations.