Technology - Self-Pay and Bad Debt

Our proprietary accounts receivable collection management system, Annuity One, fully automates the complex cycles involved with self-pay early-out and insurance follow-up and bad debt collections. Annuity One offers advanced network technologies based on mature industry best practices for collecting healthcare receivables.

system pic

This system possesses custom workflow capabilities that prioritize our representatives’ workloads and dialing campaigns. When any action is taken, the information is recorded by a representative or follow-up specialist and each account is assigned a status code, which effectively labels the current disposition of the account. Each evening, Annuity One systematically evaluates every account based on that day's activity and determines if the disposition needs to be amended.

In addition, Annuity Health has a very powerful data warehouse that captures and reports any information supplied or captured by us. We have numerous standard reports and also can produce custom reports.